2018 – The world’s first International Day of Consent #IDoConsent was instigated by Jenn Wilson on 30th November 2018.  Wilson hosted a small gathering and performance event at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

2019 – Wilson drafted the Consent Manifesto at consentculture.co.uk and ran the first Festival of Consent in Leeds, UK, including international artists, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and performances exploring consent.

2020 – Wilson and Kitty Stryker, founder of consentculture.com and editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture” on board for a 14 day Online Festival of Consent, kick-starting a global conversation and ongoing activism.

2021 – IDoConsent Podcast series launched and the hashtag #IDoConsent showed a growing international interest in taking action on the day

2022 – ongoing conversations, publications and consent modelling and awareness raising, with a stronger international impact via #IDoConsent

2023 – Wilson launches the Consent Compass model for practicing and navigating consent, together with an online training programme and creative performance.  Wilson is a contributor in Kitty Stryker’s new book: Ask Yourself: The consent culture workbook.

2024 – watch this space and sign up for updates below!

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