The International Day of Consent was founded on November 30th 2018 by Jenn Wilson, as a day to focus on consent. The day continues to be championed by Jenn alongside a wide range of work based in consent practices, which can be found at IRREGULAR.

Dictionary definitions simplify consent as “agreement or permission to do something”. The International Day of Consent recognises that the meaning of ‘consent’ is much more – consent is transformative.

Different legal and cultural definitions exist in different parts of the world. Consent is, at its core, the practice of using our personal agency or free will to make choices and decisions whilst connecting and relating with one other. What we consent to (what we want or are willing to do) impacts on – and is impacted by – what others consent to. Without consent there is harm. As social animals, our freedom and choices are part of complex social systems, beliefs and cultures- and many of our cultures and systems don’t support consent or consensus.

The International Day of Consent seeks to change that, to make the world a kinder, more consensual place.

The International Day of Consent is underpinned by the Consent Culture Manifesto, authored by the day’s founder Jenn Wilson.