In 2023 we ran IDoConsent Festival – 30th November to 3rd December 2023 – 4 days of focus on transformative consent practices – we are planning now for November 30th 2024

Consent Compass – Official Launch – 4 days of focus on transformative consent on 30th November 2023, the International Day of Consent as The Consent Compass web page went live at IRREGULAR. The Consent Compass is a brand new framework for understanding and navigating consent, making choices on your own terms, transforming connections and creating change in the world.

IDoConsent Audio Podcast – New Season  Across the 4 days, new episodes of podcast, IDoConsent were released.  Selected guests share insight on practicing consent in their specialist areas. The programme included:

  • An Introduction to The Consent Compass with Jenn Wilson
  • Jenn talks with consent culture pioneer and author Kitty Stryker on consent and consensus; how we hold accountability and build consensual communities
  • Bigi Leutchford, parenting coach at BG Parenting discusses healing from generational trauma and practicing consent in parent-child relationships
  • Sunday Times best selling author of Your Child Is Not Broken, Heidi Mavir shares her insight on school refusal and the importance of consent in supporting neurodivergent families
  • Choreographer Sandrine Monin, who worked with visually impaired dancers in ground-breaking work Feathers , shares perspectives on consent in the world of professional dance 

International Day of Consent in residence at Islington Mill, Salford , Manchester (UK) – Live, online and hybrid happenings 30th Nov

  • The Consent Compass – finding your own way Premiere of the video introduction to the new framework for practicing consent and an opportunity to engage live with Jenn Wilson in an online Q&A
  • Consent Circle – an Irregular Salon event – Jenn Wilson in conversation with Betty Martin and Rivca Rubin, plus live guests 
  • Creator of internationally renowned framework The Wheel Of Consent Dr. Betty Martin (live online from USA) presented The Wheel of Consent; Jenn Wilson provided a short introduction to The Consent Compass; and together with Rivca Rubin, Co-custodian of Islington Mill and Founder of Upwording (considering consent in our everyday use of language), the Consent Circle invited guests live in-person and online to discuss how we might work within consent to deepen understanding and grow connection, personally and globally
  • Live Performance: “My Queer Utopian Story” – a Solo Variety Show – An adventure in consent, identity and shamelessness, the greatest show you’ve never seen, with music, film, poetry, laughter and rage > improvised live, part-written and totally performed by self-unstyled international non-entity IrregularJenn (Wilson).

DisCONSENTed – poetic justice is served2nd December at Shipley Library, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK Disconsented examined the fraught relationship between disability, irregularity and consent., through anecdotes, poetry and comedy.

– What happens when the doctor needs to do things you wouldn’t even let your partner do?
– How do you fill out an application for access support when form filling is what makes you sick?
– Have you really got to laugh or else you’ll cry?
– What box do you tick when there is no box for someone like you?
– Who gets to make decisions when you can’t?
– Have you decided when to pull the plug? Disconsented explored these themes with artists for whom these challenges occur almost daily.

  • FR Kesby is a writer, poet, performer and all round trouble maker from Leeds. Their performance and publishing credits include: Strix, Laldy, Riggwelter Stirred, Word Club, Leeds Savages and more. They have been described as both “a queer disability activist” and “a difficult bitch with a big mouth”. We’ll let you decide which is true. (Spoiler alert: it’s both.)
  • Chris Cambell (he/they) is a queer, nonbinary, Native American immigrant with ADHD. He is a Bradford based slam champion who writes poetry for international performance and publication. He wants you to fall so in love with poetry, queerness, and the oppressed that you wake up one day and change your whole dang life!
  • Jenn Wilson (they/she) is the founder of the International Day of Consent, shares parts of “My Queer Utopian Story” an adventure in neurodivergence, identity and shamelessness, improvised live, part-written and totally performed by self-unstyled international non-entity IrregularJenn (Wilson).

A co-production by Subjective Silhouettes and IRREGULAR for the International Day of Consent 2023. Thanks to Bradford Libraries
CONTENT NOTE: swearing, ranting , hysteria and references to intimate and traumatic events

Navigating Consent Webinar – 3rd December A deeper dive into how we navigate consent, in this free session Jenn Wilson will share ideas to help you:

  • Stop saying ‘yes’ to things you don’t really want
  • Connect more meaningfully with the people that matter to you
  • Question what is ‘expected’ of you and choose your own ways of being 
  • Decide what actions you want to take in order to make a real difference