An image of two arms reaching down to hold hands, one tan and one brown. Purple ribbons wrap around their arms and the ends of the ribbons have "Consent Matters" and "hashtag I Do Consent" in white.

The International Day of Consent is 30th November annually. 

It’s a day to focus on consent as a practice and a tool for changing lives.  

Consent is so much more than a simple yes or no.  Consent is about how we connect, with ourselves, with each other, and with the world we make together.  Consent is transformative.

The world’s first International Day of Consent, spearheaded by Jenny Wilson of Irregular Arts and, took place on 30th November 2018, as a small gathering and performance event at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

In 2019, Wilson ran the first Festival of Consent in Leeds, UK, including international artists, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and performances exploring consent.

In 2020, Kitty Stryker, founder of and editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture”, came on board to help create the first online Festival of Consent.

This 14 day online event cultivated conversations about consent from people all over the world, in an intense burst of consent culture activism, education and awareness raising.  

In 2021 we launched the IDoConsent Podcast series. 

In 2022 we want to continue championing and building focus on consent, consent culture, consent in practice, and the range of amazing consent work happening internationally.  

We will keep on championing consent culture, with the International Day of Consent as a focus for sharing and connecting.