Meg-John Barker is the author of a number of popular books on sex, gender, and relationships. These include graphic guides to Queer, Gender, and Sexuality, How To Understand Your Gender, Life Isn’t Binary, Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To), Rewriting the Rules, and Hell Yeah Self Care. They have also written a number of books for scholars and counsellors on these topics, drawing on their own research and therapeutic practice. Websites: Twitter: @megjohnbarker, Instagram: @meg_john_barker. Facebook: megjohnbarkerwriter. YouTube: MegJohnBarkerPsych

Ashleigh Blackwood is a Research Fellow at Northumbria University, specialising in the co-creation of medicine in long eighteenth century by medical professionals and the literate public. Her work focuses on sexual and reproductive knowledge, looking at ways in which writers and readers shared their ideas. She tweets from @historylitmed.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown is a senior editor at Reason, where she writes regularly on the intersections of sex, speech, tech, crime, politics, panic, and civil liberties. She is the co-founder and president of the libertarian feminist group Feminists for Liberty. Brown has won multiple awards for her writing on the U.S. government’s war on sex.

Robbie Brown is a California native and queer-punk fatty. He loves making low-fi music, zines & volunteering. Robbie is part of the Cuddle Chunk art collective, in the band Hellhole, helps organize Bay Area Queer Zine Fest, runs the Oakland Pride Sober Stage & queer game nights @ Oakland LGBTQ Community Center. @Ratchet_Robbie

Maurice Carlin grew up in a rural farming community in Donegal, Ireland. He lives in Manchester, UK where he is a co-director of the queer-activist arts venue, Islington Mill. In his writing, he explores the queerness of rural places, where the fragile alliance between characters causes comic and tangled situations to unfold.

Gráinne Carr is a highly experienced Coach, Trainer and Facilitator. Carr is co- creator of Consent Matters Ireland – an organisation whose vision is to make society safer through consent education. Using Dr Betty Martins’ Wheel of Consent as a core teaching model Gráinnes focus is on bringing awareness to the dynamics of consensual agreements, the fundamental importance of boundaries and the need to develop understanding and confidence in these life skills to create and maintain healthy relationships in intimate, professional, familial and peer contexts.

Lou Drago is a Berlin-based artist, curator, writer and radio producer. Their recent research explores ways to coalesce those who refuse to fit a neoliberal mould, in an attempt to reunite what we know to be an increasingly fractured Left. Aware of the often divisive role of identity politics, Drago navigates between their commitment to gender abolitionism and Radical Sociability that aims to enact intersectional affinity.

Anupama Garg is an ever-evolving person, deeply interested in human sexual behaviour. She has vastly researched alternative sexual lifestyles and has also written a series of non-fiction books on the subject with a pseudonym. She believes in transforming the outlook towards sexuality by structured, quality conversations, one at a time. Apart from this space, she works as a content specialist and researcher, writes poetry and sings for passion.


Sophia Graham is a queer, disabled, femme, survivor. She is a sex and relationship geek, educator and coach. She wants to live in a world of real choice and self determination, and she thinks that starts with growing consensual relationships with ourselves (and our selves).

Kit Heyam is a Lecturer in English at Northumbria University, a trans awareness trainer, and a queer history activist. Their research focuses on sexual and gendered transgression in early modern literature and culture. They coordinate the #RainbowPlaques project and are an organiser of Leeds Queer Film Festival. They tweet from @krheyam.

Becky Hoswon is a qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor, and founder of Baby Brain, where she offers a range of Antenatal and Postnatal Workshops around infant development and parenting, including Baby Massage, Infant Sleep, Yoga for Pregnancy and Mother and Baby Yoga. Passionate about perinatal mental health, and the politics around parenting, she’s been supporting and advocating for parents for 6 years, and in the past 2 has developed her own workshops and blog to offer evidence based information and tools to empower them to make informed decisions.

Michelle LaBelle is a sex positive sex educator, and also an Autistic, Queer Puerto Rican activist, cosplayer, burlesque producer and performer. As a part of the non-profit organization “Care2Cosplay” Michelle has moderated panels at various pop culture conventions to promote consent education as well as LGBTQ and BIPOC in the cosplay community.

You can find her on social media:

IG/TikTok: @themichellelabelle

Twitter: @TheMLaBelle

Charles Lauder has collaborated with Rivca Rubin on Upwording from its inception. He is a coach, an organisational development consultant specialising in diversity and inclusion, and a film, TV and theatre director whose credits include comedy, documentary, live music concerts and drama; with Coronation Street and award-winning short film Journey among its highlights.

Cameryn Moore is a Berlin-based playwright/performer, whose award-winning works have been seen around the world. She is also the creator of Smut Slam, a global network of community dirty-storytelling shows. Cameryn’s main job as a Smut Slam host is to create a safer, comfortable space for audiences and tellers alike. 

Cameryn Moore’s Personal Page

Smut Slam


Kat Murti is a libertarian, feminist, and activist, working to make the world a better, freer place, one day at a time. She is the co-founder the executive director of Feminists for Liberty, an anti-statist and anti-sexist organization that promotes gender equality without abandoning classically liberal ideas. 

Avens O’Brien is a 2nd-generation libertarian activist. She’s the founder of Not That Kind of Feminist (a Facebook group for feminist & non-feminist folks to critically analyze & discuss news & culture related to feminism), and a member of the Feminists for Liberty board of directors. 

Leslee Ann Petersen stands at an intersection of mental health, alternative relationships, and liberty activism. She believes that a world based in peace and non-aggression starts with ourselves and our relations to those around us. Her philosophy is based in love and the idea that love is spread through actions.

Zayna Ratty (She, Her) is an award winning LGBTQIA+, GSRD, Polyamory, Race & Ethnicity Hypno-Psychotherapist. She is a presenter, columnist and trainer. Pink Therapy GSRD endorsed awareness trainer and D&E Officer at NCHP.  Zayna’s charity, diversity work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity create a prism of intersecting identities.

Cathy Reisenwitz is known for her writing on sex and relationships, including the Sex and the State newsletter and a regular column in Kink and Code. She is VP of Comms for San Francisco Sex-Positive Democratic Club, and speaks on topics of economic freedom, Bitcoin and feminism.

Mariana Renthel, artist and professor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Her migration, almost 20 years ago, has shaped the way she approaches creation and research projects, pedagogical practices and the constant dynamics of relationships. She Works at the Arts Faculty- Visual Arts Department at the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín Colombia, where she currently lives. Her main interests revolve around printmaking, textiles and language as a malleable material, it’s shapes and form as a constant exploration.

Rosa Roboda puts the “tan” in Satanic. Hailed as “Her Infernal Majesty” by Satanic Bay Area and Black Mass Appeal, Rosa debuted May 2019 at Baycon’s Glitter and Sparkle revue. Previously a regular feature at Oakland’s First Friday Follies, hosted by Femmecee Juicy D.Light, Rosa loves to highlight her floorwork and flexibility. When she’s not dazzling on stage she keeps herself busy with grassroots activism, modeling, and running a NSFW fan page.

Fi Roxburgh is an academic philosopher, at the University of East Anglia (School of PPL). Sex positivity and relationship anarchy are both personally and politically important to her. For her, philosophy and feminism become active forms of protest, in ways which don’t always fit alongside academia. Fi lives with two fabulous cats.

Rivca Rubin is the co-director of Islington Mill. She is the instigator of Upwording; a radical, liberatory practice facilitating collective re-imagining of how we communicate, live, work, and be together from everyday actions to stratospheric collaborative thinking. Rivca works with creative organisations and artists with a keen sense of co-creating ideas and approaches that are refreshingly daring and invigorating. Her practice rigorously questions ‘what else could be possible’ inviting us in with an approach of playfulness, mischief, and curiosity.

John “Seg” Seggerson is at With over two decades in interactive entertainment, Seg is the lead house manager for San Francisco’s immersive theatre venue The Rathskeller Club. Seg’s role is to craft a process to prepare audiences in engaging with immersive theatre productions while maintaining content throughout the production.

Andre Shakti is a sex educator, columnist and professional slut living in Baltimore, MD. She wrestles mediocre men into submission & is the reigning polyamory pundit at her non-monogamy advice column “I Am Poly(amorous) & So Can You!”. She also helms SANCTUARY Virtual Strip Club, bringing LGBTQ+ dirty digital delights to private screens. | | @andre_shakti (IG)

Gwen Snyder (pronouns: she/her) is a Philadelphia movement strategist. She served as the executive director of the direct action economic justice coalition Philadelphia Jobs with Justice from 2009 to 2017 and as director of organizing at POWER, a Philadelphia interfaith coalition combatting white supremacy and structural racism, from 2017 to 2018. She has served as a consultant to a number of nonprofit and political groups, and now focuses on researching, writing about, and organizing to combat far right extremism and white supremacist groups.

Follow her on Twitter at @gwensnyderphl

Kitty Stryker (pronouns: she/her) is the founder of She is an anarchist cat mom and consent educator prepping a doomsday bunker in the East Bay, California. Stryker spent 14 years as a sex worker and BDSM educator before turning to freelance journalism. Her first book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture” was published through Thorntree Press in 2017.

Sar Surmick, LMFT is the Director of the Consent Academy. Sar brought the Consent Academy together in 2016 as a way to advance consent education in Seattle and across the world. With over 20 years of education experience and a strong belief that consent creates a backbone for safe and productive interactions, Sar has worked with a wide variety of organizations to promote and educate about consent. When not directing the Academy, Sar works as a Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in Identity, a Sex-positive Educator, and a writer. Sar is a co-author of the Consent Academy’s 2019 book: “The Consent Primer: Foundations for Everyday Life”

Beck Thom is a UK-based Somatic Sex Educator & Certified Sexological Bodyworker. They centre the LGBTQ+ community through Quintimacy (Queer Intimacy) events. They joke that ‘Everything they touch turns to Queer’, referring to their passion for working outside of the binary and normative! They are all about gender-inclusive sex education, embodied consent, queer embodiment and enhancing our capacity for pleasure. 

Jenny Wilson is the founder of the International Day of Consent and She is Freelance Activist in Residence at Leeds Beckett University, exploring consent and shame with the SSSH! Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm Research Group, Dept of Psychology: Founder and Director of Irregular Arts, where she creates, produces and performs socially engaged and innovative performing and combined arts projects; and the newly-appointed Chair of Happy Valley Pride. Queer, polyamorous relationship anarchist, single parent and creative shenanigator, she lives in the City of Bradford, Yorkshire, UK.

Richard M. Wright is a healthy masculinity specialist. He is a public speaker, author, counselor, educator and multimodal artist. He also identifies as a sci-fi geek and an intersectional Afrofuturist. His personal Wakanda resides somewhere between ‘80s Kingston & ‘90s NYC in his mind.