There are many ways that you can contribute to building a consent culture!

On Social Media:

Follow #IDoConsent on Facebook, check out the brand new podcast, and use the hashtag #IDoConsent to discuss your own experiences with fostering a consent culture.

By Participating in the International Day of Consent, November 30:

we want to flood the public discourse with consent culture, and we need YOUR help! Yes, YOU! We want to hear from RPG gamers, cosplayers, union organizers, sex workers, parents, educators, artists, students, activists – everyone and anyone who believes consent culture is valuable. Consent culture isn’t just about sex, after all, it permeates our whole lives. Consent is transformative. Let’s talk about that!

What we aren’t interested in: racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, anti-immigrant sentiment, bigotry, or punching down.

What we are interested in: workshops, zine drops, drag shows, academic seminars, tiktok videos, quizzes, ‘grams, spoken word, radio shows, webinars, podcasts.

We are especially reaching out our hands to folks who are often forgotten in consent culture conversations – people in poverty, our elders, Black and brown folks, people with disabilities, people outside of North America and the UK. Please let us know if you plan to participate, so we can signal boost your work!

To be a part of this wild endeavor, we ask two things:

-that you read and agree with the spirit of the consent manifesto (we know that consent education follows many paths and we are here for it)

-that you be willing to use the hashtag #IDoConsent for your offerings

By Donating:

Building/maintaining websites doesn’t come cheap, and while we do this out of our fierce love for consent, it is also time-consuming! We appreciate any donations towards this ongoing project. Or, you can donate to Jenny Wilson and Kitty Stryker individually – thank you in advance, your money helps us take time out of our other work to focus on this work that truly drives us.

For 2022, we are seeking funding for marginalized folks to be compensated for their involvement – arts funding is a little up in the air, but we recognize that people deserve to be paid for their labor. We know that people who are marginalized often face greater barriers to being involved in these projects, and we want to help even the playing field as much as we can.

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